So, You Want to Hear My Story?

I was born and raised under the Texas Sun, complete with plenty of sunburns. You probably wouldn’t guess that based off my “city-boy” appearance, but if I told you I grew up in a town called Pflugerville, with a silent P, you’d only get more confused.

My parents worried I wasn’t “part of a team” growing up but I knew I was meant to act freshman year of high school. We were doing Grease, and early on in rehearsals my director told me “Matthew, you gotta tone down the hip thrusting.” I knew the stage was my home after that.

The culmination of my Bachelor studies in Acting is the 2020 Showcase in LA, taking place in April, thanks to Missouri State University. It feels like the coming together of so many years of training, determination, and personal growth. I dedicate my craft to not only myself, but everyone who’s ever aided me in this journey I’m on.

I’ve always been a storyteller, but most importantly I loved living in those stories and taking people along with me. My magic is balancing my hyper energy with my brooding angst. I have been working my whole life to write, perform, and collaborate with artists. 

I don't believe in talent, so I committed myself to studying. I absorbed every aspect of theatre as I could, and was beaten down many times. But I got back up again, with varying difficulty. That’s where I learned the most. Now I want to help the world with my dedication for art and what’s right. All while making a weird face.


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